with fusion yoga & meditation, voice liberation, inquiries, silent walks, mantra singing with live piano music

A week to help you slow down. To take a break from your busy work and family life. To rest in not knowing. To deepen the relationship with your body and mind exactly as they are. To taste freedom and rest in a safe and nurturing environment. To relax and strengthen your connection with your true Home, beyond the stories of your mind.
Activities include being-gentle-with-your-body fusion yoga, mindful walking, mantra singing, voice liberation and inquiries. There will also be a masseuse with loving hands (extra cost). Other activities might be added to the program spontaneously, because I like to move with the flow and feel what is needed! For example: Dancing, movement meditations, connected breathing exercise, creative activities. See ‘Program’ below for more detailed information.
Chateau Frandeux is itself already an invitation to slow down! Its great vegetarian food, private lake, sauna and trees are ready to hug you with their presence.

Jeannine de Klerk (1964)

The philosophy of this retreat is based on the message of Jeff Foster, who I have been assisting for the past 10 years. His words about self-acceptance, presence and deep rest resonate so strongly within me.

This retreat invites us to welcome ALL feelings, to be the space for everything which is visiting us - not forcing the ‘happy’ feelings to stay or pushing the ‘bad’ feelings away. We are invited to stay rooted in present moment awareness, and be available for all thoughts, feelings and sensations. That’s true self-love. That’s where the inner war can relax. That’s where we can find the rest we long for.

During the week there will be plenty of opportunities to strengthen the attention muscle and cultivate a mindful attitude. All of my activities are born out of my being present at Jeff Foster’s meetings and retreats. I feel deeply grateful that our paths crossed! And through the activities I offer, I will share this message in my own unique way.

Yoga & Guided Meditation
Each yoga class involves a guided meditation followed by accessible yoga mixed with exercises from Eastern disciplines, all weaved together to invite you to relax deeper into Presence. ALL bodies are welcome here! Whether you are experienced or new to yoga, have a stiff or very flexible body, these classes are about befriending your body just as it is. To see your body as your partner instead of your slave, or even enemy. Alterations are offered so all can participate.

Voice liberation is a beautiful way to connect deeply with yourself, beyond the stories of the mind. This is not about singing, it is about using the voice to discover more about yourself. To feel connected with yourself and with the other participants, a connection often much deeper than with spoken words. The voice is such an intimate and vulnerable instrument, really close to you. Every note contains music, your music. Exploring with your voice from the heart is always beautiful… including the so called false notes. Because they reveal you! Therefore yours, or anyone else’s opinion about your singing are not relevant. Step by step you will be invited to jump in deeper. But you will be the director of what you do or don’t want to do. Sweaty hands and bouncing hearts are very welcome!

SILENT walks
The mindful way: To feel your feet on the ground, to open your senses, to breath in the fresh air, to let yourself be nurtured by nature and show up for each and every moment.

Inquiries are very helpful to sink deeper into yourself. Mostly done in groups of 2 or 3, you give words to your experience in the present moment, while the other person is listening to you with his or her full attention. Tasting the words as they leave your mouth, waiting for new words to surface. No story telling, but the live experience of every new moment.

We will regularly sing mantras, accompanied by live music. On a deeper level we all are vibration. Singing enhances that vibration, makes the energy move in us. Dense areas in our bodies can melt through singing. Joy, frustration, anger and sadness may surface, and mantras can help us get in touch with that ever present Holding in which all these feelings can flow freely. 
Like with voice liberation, it doesn’t matter if you think you can sing or not. It’s my opinion that everyone can sing. We all sang at some point in our lives, until someone told us it was wrong. Well at this retreat your singing is always RIGHT, in each and every way. Bring your instruments, from guitar and flute to rhythmic instruments. Let’s play! One evening there will also be a lying down piano concert, improvised in the moment.

There will be a masseuse available for gentle massages which you can book seperately. 

All meals will be silent, to invite you to stay at Home.

A typical day might look like the schedule below. Although it might be susceptible to changes as I feel what is needed in the moment. Additional activities might occur, like dancing from within, movement meditations, connected breathing, etc.

7.15 small breakfast snack
7.45 – 9.30 yoga
9.30 – 10.15 breakfast
11.00 – 12.00 mindful walk
12.00 – 13.00 free time
13.00 – 14.00 lunch
14.30 – 16.00 voice liberation and inquiries
17.00 snacks
16.30 – 18.00 sauna (optional)
18.30 – 19.30 dinner 
20.00 – 21.30 mantra singing or bedtime yoga or lying down piano concert

Including program, full board, 3 mjamy vegetarian meals a day. The introductory discount of € 100 is already included in the prices.


● Shared double room with separate beds - € 695 per person


● Shared double room with separate beds and private bathroom - € 795 per person


● Single room - € 995


● Single room with private bathroom - € 1.195


The rooms in the venue differ in size, comfort and view, and the best rooms will be allocated first, in order of received payment.
Because the amount of participants is limited, it’s advisable to let me know as soon as possible if you would like to attend this event. Please contact me through e-mail:

My path has been an adventurous one: I lived in Bali, France and the US and I have worked as a teacher, stewardess and project manager at KLM. From my early twenties a seeker, going to many different workshops, trainings and inspirational speakers. Through my 10 years of assisting Jeff Foster at his retreats and meetings, the seeking has been able to relax. Allowing myself to feel sad and happy, calm and restless. A sense of realization that all the waves in the ocean of life are deeply welcome. 
Out of my participation at the retreats, in a very organic way, my company was born: teaching yoga, voice liberation and mindful coaching. It’s my hearts desire to share this path of freedom and offer a space where all feel welcome to be exactly as you are. 

Training & courses: Teacher Training College Teacher Training College, Essence & Source training at Essence training Amsterdam, Shiatsu therapist, Touch for Health therapist, Silva Mind training, several trainings in the area of energetic healing such as Reiki, Trance Dance Presenter (Open Circles, Amsterdam), Mindfulness, Youth- and Family coach (BGL Partners, Zeist), Feng Shui consultant, Focussing, System Centered Training, Teacher Training Yoga for Children, several training programs in yoga, Education of Voice Liberation (Jan Kortie), Yoga of Sound training with Russill Paul. This year I will finish an almost 2 year Tantra training at Centrum for Tantra in Amsterdam.

Please see also the event on Facebook: For more pictures about the venue please see:

Looking forward to meeting you!

Jeannine de Klerk

T  06 44 62 08 70 



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